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Dan Forster is a designer who creates simple and effective idea-based designs.

Dan began his studio in 2002 with the desire to create simple, innovative and memorable designs with a personalised customer service.

He produces a wide range of work in areas of corporate identity and branding, editorial, financial reports, packaging, signage, website design and product development. His designs are featured in many of Australia’s major department and retail stores.

Dan’s client base covers industry sectors including Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Health Care, Retail, Broadcast, Law, Fashion, Insurance and many others. Using the same driving approach and sensibility, Dan cares for all aspects of visual communication to best craft and deliver his client’s message, communication of service or product purpose.

He works closely with clients at all levels of the design process to ensure professional results from conception to development to finalisation. He closely follows each project working in partnership with Photographers, Web Developers, Manufacturers, Signage Companies and Printers, taking great pride in his work and insures every detail is cared for.

Dan is passionate and committed to providing a personalised and trusted service and takes the time to explain technical aspects of projects such as producing complex websites or aspects of the printing process.


Simplicity and lateral thinking.

This website has been designed and developed as an innovative use of Instagram.

The portfolio content displayed is all live-streaming from the Instagram of Dan Forster Design. If you visit Instagram you will notice the content is replicated. The live-streaming content is automatically re-formatted with designated styles on this website.

An innovative feature is the purposeful handling of Instagram’s #hashtags. Specific #hashtags in individual Instagram posts assigns each post to a menu on this website, such as ‘Branding’ or ‘Websites’. This approach not only makes an enhanced use of Instagram but also removes the requirement for manually added content to the website.


The logo for Dan Forster Design takes the ‘D’ for Dan and Design and simply adds a single curved line to make an eye, representing visual communication.

A design studio in Melbourne creating simple and idea-based designs since 2002.